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Extra Curricular Activities

Classes 1st to 12th have been divided into four houses to carricuate various activities. These activities are being conducted in order to safeguard the processing of our students.
The winners of these activities are awarded by the school management. Principles based on the philosophies of honesty, co-operation, self-reliance, definitions of hard work and pursuit of excellence are inculcated among the students through these activities. Therefore, the parents are requested to encourage their wards to participate in these activities. Some of an important section of the co-curricular activities are mentioned as follows:-

Nursery to III IV to VIII IX to XII

Competitions :-

Competitions :-

Competitions :-

Drawing and colouring, Hand Writing, (Hindi & Eng.), spellings formation, Recitation (Hindi & Eng.), Clay molding, Dodging table, Cartoon making and Fancy Dress.
Hand Writing (Hindi, English), Drawing, colouring & Painting, Art & Craft, Making Best out of waste, Spelling formation, Essay writing (Hindi & English), Clay Molding, Fancy Dress, Book Mark making, Diya Making, Group Discussions, Rangoli, Debate (Hindi & English), Creative Writing, Card Making, Singing etc. Essay writing (Hindi & English), Mono Acting, Group Discussions, Mehandi, Shlok Chanting, Art & Craft, Gift Packing, G.K. Quiz, Book Mark Making, Cartoon Making, Poster Making Slogan Writing, food without fire, class decoration, Drama, Singing & Dance etc.

Celebrations :-

Celebrations :-

Celebrations :-

Colours Day, Fruits Day, Vegetables Day, Flowers Day, Brushing Day, Christmas Day, Balloon’s Day, Religious festivals and celebration of Grand Parents day, Children day and teachers day etc. Skates Day, Fresher’s Day, Christmas Day, Teachers Day etc. Fresher’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, Farewell party, Religious and National Festivals.

Other Happenings :-

Other Happenings :-

Other Happenings :-

Dental Care & hygiene Week, Games & Sports, picnics, Knowledge about helpers, surroundings & nature etc. Games & Sports, Picnic and Plantation. Visit to Bank, various factories, Block printing, toys & candle making workshop, Road safety, Motivational seminars, Story telling session by ZQ television channel. Games & Sports, Skating, Theme Based Dramatics, Plantation, Picnics and Excursion of different frames. Special focus on vocabulary of students in order to improve their diction and representative skills, for which various measures are being carried out like promoting this caricature through English Quiz competitions ,English elocutions based on different formats, and English song competitions in different styles too.

Sports week is also organized from time to time during every session for an overall development of a student.
  • All the activities are conducted according to house system.
  • Class Monitors, Prefects and House Captains are appointed for the above assignments so as to be carried out in a peculiar way.
  • Students are motivated to take part in all kind of activities organized inside the School Premises.


Learning in recreational manner stimulates interests of children towards the horizon of knowledge. Visiting to different places is very essential for maintaining the psychological & physical balance of the children. Interaction with different people of different culture & observing picturesque beauty of nature along with human made wonders not only measures of the scale of their general knowledge and awareness, but also fills them with immense pleasure to be guided.
It is a need of time to freed off the leisure statics from the monotonous routine of so as to take an initiative of proper balance to be maintained in our life dynamics. Keeping this fact in mind the school tries to manage and conduct tours & travels to the nook and corner of the country.


  • Good conduct, proper school uniform and regular attendance are the most primary essentials for recognizing a student.
  • The minimum requirement for obtaining a certificate of proficiency in a subject is 75% marks and above.
  • Winners are also awarded by the certificates and prizes for one of many different activities which are being organized in the school campus from time to time periodically.

Awards of specificities :-

  • Award for an all round excellence.
  • Award for Best student (academically and culturally)
  • For attaining attendance to the Maximum.
  • Other awards for Academic excellence based on the required formats of transparency.
    • In order to encourage our students for their excellent piece of work on results, we try to accommodate by rewarding them for their excellence as per the percentages scored by them in their respective standards.
    • Awards for the winners of various events like, Drawing, Handwriting, exhibition, sports, debate, storytelling, essay writing and G.K. quiz etc.

An Important notification to be considered on a serious interpretation based on academic excellence is:

We have planned to design a format for motivating our students to create an extraordinary sense of conscience and self-determination inside them. For which we have amended a scholarship format for our board classes (X and XII) and recognitions for other standards too, described as under:
For the Top 3 Rankers in the Merit declared (by Rajasthan Board Of Secondary Education) every year for X and XII Standards.- INR 5,00,000/-
For 4th and 5th Rank: - INR 2,50,000/-
Rankers from 6th to 10th:- INR 1,21, 000/-
Rest from 11th to 50th:- INR 51, 000/-
For the students scoring more than 90% marks in aggregate:- INR 1100 + Momentous.
For Attaining 100% attendance:- Momentous.

Note:- Strictly to be followed as per management policies.

Premetical Elections Procedure:-

The School organizes an election schematic in order to select the Head boy, Head girl, Vice-head boy and vice head girl as the primary representatives of the student union. A team of prefects is also appointed in order to assist an elected hierarchy in their dutiable procedure, to be strictly followed duly with proper amendments.

Our only motive is to develop a sense of leadership, responsibility, Self-conscience and understanding the real meaning of cooperative standards, as we all are aware of the fact that today’s generation is an emergent ray merging into a denser medium of soon to be faced future.

Selection of Cultural committee:- Contains a Hierarchy of Four Major positions: described as: Cultural Head (Both- Boy and Girl); Cultural Vice-Head (Both-Boy and Girl) along with three Major Committees bonded with an assumptions of “Captain and Vice-Captain” for each. Two major configurations defined as under:-

English Coordination Committee:-Meant for creating and maintaining an environment of English speaking in the school premises, with strict focus of its members.

Management and Feedback Committee: For creating a transparent and a meaningful relationship between the students and School management by analysation through feedback process.

The members of the above mentioned committees are eloquent enough to deal with their designations helping to create a balance of an “original concept of Seniorism” Inside the School premises.

The main objective behind the formation of “The Cultural Committee” is to aggregate all the procedures of discipline required for defining an institutional surroundings of positivity, to a common point of principal focus.